Ultimate Training To Set Up A Dairy Business

Join the free masterclass and learn the basics of setting up a successful, profitable dairy processing plant business from the industry expert.

Why this masterclass?

Starting A Dairy Business is not rocket science; anyone can do it.

But “Doing it” is not the goal, doing it the right way is one! That’s why in this Masterclass you’ll have…

Absolute Clarity 💯

On the Scope, Market and Opportunity in this Dairy processing Plant Business.

Setup a Dairy Farm

Detailed Roadmap 🛣️

For Milk Collection, Procurement & Processing steps & strategies to follow. 

Setup a Dairy Farm

Beginning Journey  🚀

Lastly, about 2 Most Important things you need to Initiate and Gear up your business (Mentorship & Marketing).

Setup a Dairy Farm

Wondering whom this masterclass is for?

Setup a Dairy Farm

Aspiring Entrepreneur:

Employee or self employed person who wishes to start his own business.

Setup a Dairy Farm


Looking to invest on a New Business

Setup a Dairy Farm

Existing Dairy Farm Owner:

Who wants to expand and grow his business.

Note: And If you are a passionate lover of dairy products (Ghee, Butter 🤤, Khoa or Sweets) and now wants to turn your passion to a business this webinar is for you too.

What They Are Saying?

Meet your mentor

chadha sales

Amardeep Singh Chadda Director - Chadha Sales Pvt. ltd.

Brands I have worked with

Setup a Dairy Farm

What More?

We shall also cover the ways to overcome the challenges dairy industries face, like the few of them mentioned here:

If you do not have clarity on your business plan, you might face most of these problems & If you are a dairy owner there is a high chance that you might be  facing this problem(s) Right Now.

 Worry Not, We are going to provide you with the possible solution and a to-do list on the later half of the webinar. 

Sounds interesting?

Then think no more, Click on the link below and Register yourself for the masterclass see you on the other side!

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PS: I am looking forward to some serious and committed action takers in the masterclass. Join only if you are an entrepreneur or having a hardcore entrepreneurial mindset.

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