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  • Latest technology which preserves milk, maintain the freshness and hygiene of milk for a maximum period.
  • More than 5000 machine sold around the world

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Let us begin by showing you a video of the basic parts and accessories required to put up bulk milk cooling Tank.

This video is about Bulk Milk Cooler how it is installed and what are the components and accessories required to make it complete set-up.


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8 Common Mistakes which affect Performance of Milk Cooling Tank!

  1. Choose the right capacity of the milk cooling tank. If you overload the tank it will definitely increase cooling time and power consumption then it will be a concern if the milk-collecting vehicle does not arrive on time. similarly, in case of a small amount of milk, it may cause Icing and delay in cooling as well.
  2. The room temperature should not fall below 5°C or exceed 30°C, depending on climatic conditions. In addition to this temperature range, the cooling unit is operated under appropriate conditions without the intake of an excessive amount of energy.
  3. It is recommended that special air intake is installed. The inlet should be placed in the wall in front of the condenser. The vent should be provided with a movable shutter. Warm air coming from the unit should be removed from the room. To do this, install the outlet of hot air, as high as possible and away from the air inlet. The inlet should be fully open during the summer heat; Intake should be reduced by 90-95% when the outside temperature falls below 5°C.
  1. To ensure a free flow of air, distance from the cooling unit to the wall should not be less than 30 cm.
  2. The tank spread should be about 1/4 to 1/3 of the floor area of the room.
  3. The cooling tank should have a separate power outlet with fuse matched to the power of compressor with overload protection, current circuit breaker and phase change protection at least.
  4. For the prevention of the dry milk residues on the wall of the tank, it must be wash as quick as possible . Then, Cleaning after emptying milk is much easier and more effective. Do not use a hard brush made of metal or other abrasive materials. Also remember to wash the outer surface of the tank. Products used for washing the tank will be remove effectively. Remove Milk residues from the surface of the tank. rather than to destroy the surface of the tank.
  5. You must clean the surface of the condenser once in a month with the help of a dry nylon brush. As a result, the condenser increase productivity, cooling time and reduce energy consumption.

About us

Chadha Sales Pvt Ltd is an ISO 9001-2015 Engineering Company serving Dairy Industry for the last 50 Years. Incorporated in 1948, It is a pioneer company in the field of Dairy Processing Equipment and Plants. The Company started its business as a Manufacturer of Milk Testing Centrifuge as their first product and the Company has grown from a micro-enterprise to a large company with customers from all across the globe.

We have fully equipped design center with 3D drawing software to design the product or processing plant from scratch which makes our ability to produce and present the best ways.

A short introduction about our company

Our company is backed by professional team of skilled and experienced engineers. The company has a well equipped in-house production unit with state-of-the-art machines. There are numbers of inspection instruments and testing facility that help in providing our customers with consistent quality at all times. The company's R&D Department anticipates future needs and works upon them which keeps the company miles ahead of others.

Apart from being a front-runner in the domestic market, the company caters to the vast need of the quality conscious market of the world. The company's Indian clientele include the National Dairy Development Board, Govt. & Private Milk Co-operatives, Dairy Federations, Dairy Farms, Public Sector Undertakings, Multinational Companies etc.

Open Top Vertical Cylindrical Design
Bulk Milk Cooler
Cap: 100 Ltrs to 500 Ltrs

Semi Cylindrical Horizontal Design
Bulk Milk Cooler
Cap: 500 Ltrs to 2000 Ltrs

Fully Enclosed

Bulk Milk Cooler
Cap: 1000 Ltrs to 10000 Ltrs

Why choose Chadha Delta Bulk Milk Coolers

Shortest Cooling time guarantee

Designing in 3D
before execution

Hygiene - High Quality Hygienic Tank

Low Electricity Consumption

State of art Manufacturing Facilities spread over 5.5 Acres

Faster Cooling 8.5% faster cooling than others

5000+ Bulk Milk Cooler installation across the globe

Best Price Guarantee with Free Technical consultancy

Laser welded evaporation plate inside cooling tank

100 % in

Dedicated Customer Care Executive for after sales

5 Years
Evaporation warranty plate

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We have started our dairy farm and have purchased Bulk Milk Cooler from Chadha Sales Pvt. Ltd. This Bulk Milk Cooler helped us to keep good quality farm milk and after chilling from CHADHA DELTA Bulk Milk Cooler we sell milk directly to consumers and they are very happy with the quality of milk. I would say that CHADHA DELTA Milk Cooling Tanks are most hygienic and prevents bacterial growth in the milk. I wish the Chadha Sales Pvt. Ltd. good success.

Mr. Shriansh Kumar
M/s Milch Dairy Farm,
Gurugram, Haryana

We have bought our 1st Bulk Milk Cooler of 1000 Litres. capacity in 1996 from Chadha Sales Pvt. Ltd. and now it is almost 23 years. Chadha Delta Bulk Milk Cooler is still in operation and running smoothly. We are very happy and satisfied that cooling tank is running smooth after 23 years. The quality of all equipment from Chadha sales are best in the industry. We have purchased cooling tanks on the advice of Mr. Amardeep Singh Chadha and thereafter our business is in the path of continuous growth. We also appreciate the after sales services given to us from time to time.

Mr. Ram Dayal,
Sudama Dugdh Bhandar,
Lakhimpur Kheri, U.P

We are running a Milk Processing Plant and have several Bulk Milk Cooler for collection of raw milk. We have purchased several Milk Cooling Tanks having a capacity of 3000 ltr to 5000 ltrs. We also have an experience of using other Bulk Milk Cooler manufacturing companies and we have also done comparison of Electric Consumption vs Cooling Time and have found out that CHADHA DELTA are the most efficient Milk Cooling hence we say that Chadha Sales Pvt. Ltd. Bulk Milk Coolers are the best in the industry.

Mr. Harish Kumar
First Pure Diet,
Barhi, Haryana

Frequently asked questions about Bulk Milk Cooler:

Where are these BMC used?
BMC are used in Milk Collection Center also called “ BMC Milk Center “ and are also used in Dairy Farms to cool fresh milk.
What the main components of BMC?
BMC is consist of majorly two parts one is “ Laser Welded BMC Milk Tank “ and Refrigeration Unit.
What is the Milk Cooler price in India?
Milk Cooler Price depends upon the capacity, design and orientation of Bulk Milk Chiller and it can start from Rupees 1 lacs upto 12 lacs per unit.
Can you provide Bulk Milk Cooler project report?
We can provide you all the details such as pricing, layout, spare parts, data sheet so that any accountant can prepare Bulk Milk Cooler project report with ease for you.
Is there any difference between the Milk Chiller Machine and Bulk Milk Cooler?
What is the material of constructions of Cooling Tank?
It is made from Stainless Steel -304.
What is the type of Milk Bulk Tanks ?
Farmers and dairy processors can choose from various capacities from 40 litres to 10000 litres. Generally 40 litres to 2000 liters tanks are open top design and from 3000 litres to 10000 litres the tank design is enclosed type. Milk Cooling Silos are also available for more than 10000 litres capacity and suitable for large dairies.
What should be orientation of Tank construction?
Milk Cooling Tank Tank consists of inner and outer tank both made from Stainless Steel food grade 304. There is a middle Stainless Steel layer which is attached to inner Stainless Steel Tank which is evaporator. The space between inner and outer tank is filled with polyurethane foam.

How we can inspect the inner temperature of milk?
There is a digital thermometer installed in all tanks which indicate us for the inspection of inner temperature.
Is there any cleaning system in Milk Cooling Tanks?
All open cooling tanks are manually cleaned and enclosed tank can be fitted with automatic cleaning system on request.
How we can manage the cooling process?
In every milk cooling tank there is a control box by using of thermostat it manage the cooling process.
Does Milk Cooling Tanks have monitoring and alarm systems?
Monitoring and alarm system is incorporated only on request. Monitoring and alarm systems protect the temperature of the milk inside the tank and also keep a record of the temperature. In failure of any function the alarm will get triggered.
What is the manufacturing norms in Milk Cooling Tanks?
● ISO standard 5708 (Refrigerated bulk milk tanks)
● European standard EN 13732 (Food processing machinery – Bulk milk coolers on farms – Requirements for construction, performance, suitability for use, safety and hygiene)
● Northern American sanitary standard 3A 13-11
What is outlet standards of milk cooling tank?
The outlet standards of milk cooling tank are different in every country. If the outlets are non standards then its difficult for operator to process the milk collection. In India we use swedish outlet standards (SMS1145)
What is Direct Expansion Tank?
The bulk milk cooler which is also called direct expansion tank is fitted with pillow plates / dimple plates which has a path for carrying refrigerant. The refrigerant will do the heat transfer directly to the milk.
What should be cooling temperature?
The best chilled milk storage temperature is 4 deg C. Normally two milking design tanks are sold which means 35 deg C within 3 hours for 1st milking and 10 deg C to 4 deg C within 1.5 hrs for the 2nd milking.
Bulk Milk Cooler cooling performance can be opted for single milking, double milking and four milking as per requirement of customer.

What is the efficiency of insulation of Milk Chilling Vat?
When cooling tank is filled with chilled milk and thereafter we disconnect the chilling vat from power source, then the temperature will increase only 1 deg C in 24 24 hrs with ambient temperature of 30 deg C
What is the use of agitator in the Milk Chilling Tank?
The agitator facilitate rapid cooling for the entire milk in the tank. Stirring ensures that the temperature and the fat is same all around the milk tank.
Why do have Bulk Milk Cooler large opening lids of smaller capacity Milk Cooling Tanks?
This ensures thorough cleaning and visual inspection inside the tank.
To facilitate an adequate and rapid cooling of the entire content of a tank, every tank is equipped with at least one agitator. Stirring the milk ensures that all milk inside the tank is of the same temperature and that the milk stays homogeneous.
On top of every closed milk cooling tank is a manhole of about 40 centimetres diameter. This enables thorough cleaning and inspection of the inner tank if necessary. The manhole is covered by a lid and sealed watertight with a rubber ring by some manufacturers. Also on top are 2 or 3 small inlets. One is covered with an air-vent, the other(s) can be used to pump milk into the tank.
Does all milk in the cooling tanks is taken out at the time of unloading?
Generally, the cooling tank stands on 4, 6, 8 adjustable legs depending upon the capacity of milk chiller. The inner tank is tilted towards the outlet which ensures that the last milk will flow to the outlet. In milk cooling tanks there is a threaded outlet with valve at the bottom.
Is manual washing good for bulk milk cooler cleaning?
All open type bulk milk cooler are cleaned manually. These cooling tanks have large hinged openable doors which can be lifted for easy access to the inner tank surface which facilitate cleaning and visual inspection. Manual cleaning is much more thorough than automatic cleaning method as by manual method you can easily inspect the washing process and if you found some areas which require additional attention that can be done very easily.
What is Automatic Washing?
Automatic washing unit is attached to the bulk milk cooler mostly to the enclosed cooling tank. This unit operates with a pumping of water, hot water, detergent and sanitizer through CIP Nozzle which is in the cooling tank. The auto washing unit has standard cleaning program which can be selected for thorough cleaning. This unit clean the tanks by spraying water with force to inner surface of tank.
What are the method of cleaning bulk milk cooler?
There are two methods of cleaning bulk milk tanks:
1. manual scrubbing
2. automatic washing.
Both methods use four steps to clean the bulk milk tank manually or automatic.
● pre rinsing with water for cleaning milk residue
● washing with hot water with washing chemical
● rinsing with water to remove the washing chemical
● Sanitizing tank with sanitizer solution

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