Butter Making Machine

Butter Making Machine

A butter-making machine is an appliance that turns cream into butter. The device accomplishes this through a mechanical procedure, typically involving inserting a pole through the churn’s lid or turning a rotating mechanism inside the churn with a crank.

Process Of Turning Milk To Butter

Stainless steel, low carbon steel, and other alloys with exceptional strength and durability make the Butter Churner. It is excellent for high butter yield, and it can prepare table butter that involves moisture control devices. The milk churner is suitable for the current dairy sector due to its combination of high-quality steel and innovative technology. The gadget has an opening gate for pouring in additives and other materials. The churner quickly achieves a rotational effect for smooth and convenient performance, and it can be used repeatedly for a long time with only minimal operator assistance.

Transforming a fat-in-water emulsion (milk) to a water-in-fat emulsion (butter) in a butter churner machine is the process of changing whole milk to butter. Whole milk is a dilute emulsion of tiny fat globules separated from one another by a protein membrane. Separating cream from whole milk and cooled makes butter. When fat droplets are hard rather than soft, they cluster together more efficiently. However, other parameters such as the fat content of the cream and its acidity play a role in generating good butter. Churning in the milk churner agitates the cream physically until the delicate membranes around the milk fat burst. When the fat droplets shatter, they might come together to produce clumps of fat or butter grains.

As the butter churner continues churning, more fat clusters accumulate, eventually forming a network with the air bubbles produced by the churning. It traps the liquid, resulting in foam. There are fewer fat clumps to encapsulate the air cells as they grow in size. As a result, the bubbles pop, collide, and the foam begins to leak. Buttermilk is the word for this type of leakage. The cream splits into butter and buttermilk as a result. The buttermilk is removed, and the leftover butter is kneaded into a network of fat crystals that forms a water-in-fat emulsion.

Features Of Butter Churner Machine

  • All welding joints are smooth.
  • The inside of the butter churner is sandblasted.
  • The outside is circle-polished.

Joint Curvature

Where the cone portion of the dished end joins the cylindrical component of the butter churn drum, the inside radii of all-welded and permanent attachment joints are at least 6mm. The radius is smaller than 25mm in diameter.

Barrel Churning Beaters

The churning barrel and beaters comprise stainless steel that meets AISI 304 standards. During the working period, the beaters provide a uniform distribution of salt and moisture- 1 unit.


The churning barrel and beaters comprise stainless steel that meets AISI 304 standards. During the working period, the beaters provide a uniform distribution of salt and moisture- 1 unit.

Drive Support

Pipe-based mild steel legs support the butter-making machine that rests on an RCC foundation.

Spraying Pipes

When the churn is in action, a stainless steel (AISI 304) spray pipe is placed over it to spray cold water. The spray pipe’s inlet terminates in complete stainless steel (AISI 304) union.


It consists of watertight stainless steel (AISI 304) hinged door with a suitable locking mechanism. It has a dairy-standard synthetic rubber gasket installation on the door.

Buttermilk Drain

A stainless steel (AISI 304) buttermilk drain with a blank union with a diameter of 25mm is available.

End Flanges

They are composed of steel and have suitable strengthening steel pads for connecting to the gearbox on one side and the bearing on the other.


After de-rusting, all mild steel sections of the butter churn are painted with an epoxy primer, followed by two coats of epoxy paint in an accepted shade.

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