Milk Packing Machine

Milk Packing Machine

A milk packaging machine is a device that creates a pouch or carton, fills it with milk, and then seals it. It’s also known as a manual milk packing machine, a milk bag packaging machine, or a milk pouch packing machine.

Working Of Milk Packing Machines

There are two types of milk packing machines: manual and automatic. The manual pouch packing machine price is relatively cheaper than the automatic pouch packing machine price. At speeds of up to 200 bags per minute, automatic pouch packing machines grab a premade pouch, fill it with the product, and seal it. The bag moves in an intermittent rotating pattern to different stations arranged in a circular layout during this operation. Each station is responsible for a distinct aspect of the packaging process. The most common design has 6 to 10 stations, with eight being the most popular. Automatic pouch filling machines can have a single lane, two-lane, or four-lane configuration.

The film roll, located on the backside of the machine, is one of the many pieces of the milk packing machine. A collar box gives the pouch in which you need to pack the milk for delivery in the proper form. Furthermore, the pouch length and pulling are entirely reliant on rubber roller pulling, regulated by a clutch brake mechanism. The bag is also printed with the help of a photocell mark. Finally, a rod-type impulse sealer does the cutting and sealing.

Bag Loading And Gripping

An operator manually loads performed pouches into the bag magazine in front of the automatic pouch packing machine. A bag feeding roller transports the bags to the machine. Individual bags are grasped and loaded into the bag gripping region by a robotic arm using vacuum suction. When a proximity sensor detects a bag, a vacuum bag loader takes it up and delivers it to a set of grippers. It will keep the bag in place as it moves around the rotary packaging machine to various stations. On the top bag filling and sealing machine types, these grippers can continuously support up to 10 kg. You can add continuous bag support for heavy pouches.

Bag Printing And Detection

If printing or embossing is required, the machine will contain the necessary equipment. These machines can use thermal and inkjet printers. On the pouches, the printer can print appropriate date/lot codes. The embossing option imbues the bag seal with a raised date or lot code. Two sensors near the bottom of the bag detect its presence. The filling and sealing stations will not engage if it does not detect a bag. If a bag is present but not correctly placed, it will not be filled or sealed. It will remain on the rotary apparatus until the following cycle resumes.

Bag Filling

After a bag fills up completely, two deflator components squeeze the remaining air out of the bag before sealing. On the upper half of the bag, a hot seal bar closes. The bag bonds sealant layers together using heat, pressure, and time to form a strong seam. A cooling bar passes over the bag to reinforce and flatten the seal. After that, the final bag unloads from the packaging machine into a conveyor or carton packing equipment. The milk packing machine price in India is around ₹ 330000 – ₹850000.

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Benefits Of Milk Packing Machines

Milk packing machines have many advantages such as:

  • These milk packaging machines are straightforward to operate.
  • These will undoubtedly provide you with excellent service.
  • Our machines operate at a rapid rate.
  • The machine’s size should be customizable to fit the available space on the farm.
  • Milk packaging machines are simple to keep up with.
  • Attractive pricing is available.
  • These devices don’t require a lot of maintenance, and if they do, there’s no need to be concerned because they’re simple to fix.
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