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Chadha Bereket Pipeline Milk Parlour for Traditional Cow Houses - Save Lacs of money for Dairy farms

Chadha Bereket Pipeline Milk Parlour for Traditional Cow Houses - Save Lacs of money

If you own a Dairy farm with a traditional cow house facility or a tied up stall and space and construction is a concern?

Whether you have 10 cows or 200 cows "Pipeline milking parlour" is worth considering.

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These parlours can produce more milking efficiency at a relatively low cost and with less physical labour than milking you cattle manually. The best thing about Pipeline Parlor is that it can be installed in an existing building of a cowshed. You can save tremendously by using existing infrastructure.

We provide our assistance in supply, planning, designing and constructing low-cost parlours. These systems milk cows efficiently and effectively and both satisfy the requirements of the owner and as well as the user. With pipeline milking parlour you can milk 30 cows in 1 hour 30 minutes with the manpower of 2 people.

This is the best solution for small and medium dairy farms. Proper planning and design are required for efficiently installing Pipeline Parlor in the existing cowshed. Mistakes with cow flow, post-milking, clean-up, holding area, entrance and exit has to be taken care with utmost care. it is not a big deal but it can cause irritation once parlour is installed.

In Pipeline milking parlour an existing cow shed is taken and a stainless steel pipeline and vacuum pipeline is laid all around the shed and the milker will come to each animal for milk. The main advantage of pipeline milk parlour is that we would not require a new constructed shed especially for Milk Parlor equipment. Almost any shed can be used which has a reasonably sound structure and if all requirements such as electricals, waste handling, cow traffic, accessibility to milk room are met.


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Chadha Sales Pvt Ltd is an ISO 9001-2015 engineering company serving the dairy industry for the past 50 years. We’re pioneers in the field of dairy processing equipment and plants since 1948.

We started our business with the production of milk testing centrifuges, and it’s been many years of hard work that now we’re the biggest suppliers of dairy machines all over India. We have tech-savvy people who work on the 3D software for designing different machines and products.

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We are backed by highly professional and skilled engineers. Quality is not an act at Chadha Sales, it’s our habit!. There are inspections and testing at each stage of product manufacturing and swing over milking parlor. Our R&D department is dedicated to delivering the most creative and cost-efficient products and equipment.

Apart from being a front-runner in the domestic market, we have India’s leading clientele that includes the National Dairy Development Board, Govt. & Private Milk Co-operatives, Dairy Federations, Dairy Farms, Public Sector Undertakings, Multinational Companies, etc.

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Frequently asked questions about milking machines:

How is pipeline milking parlor different from other parlour ?
Pipeline milking parlour is different from other parlour such as herringbone swing over basically because of its design for pipeline milking parlor it can be installed in the existing cow shade but the other milking parlours is required to have a special civil construction with it to installed same.
What is RTS milking parlour ?
RTS means round the stall milking parlour it is also called pipeline milking parlour some also called it traditional milking parlour
How much milking parlour cost ?
Milking parlour price depends upon the no. of cows to be milk at a time and it also depends on the size of the farm and size of the existing shade of the dairy farm. However a small pipeline milking parlour can start from 4.75 Lacs.It takes to do milking why milking parlour
How much time does it take to milk a cow through pipeline milking parlour ?
The milking time depends upon the size of the milking parlour you have installed normally the parlour are designed to milk all the animals in 3 hours in total for the milking time.
Types or kind of milking parlours are there ?
They are variety of design of milking parlour available of sale most common ones are pipeline milking parlour , swing over milking parlour , herringbone milking parlour , parallel milking parlour , tandem milking parlour , rapid exit parlour , rotary milk parlour etc . .

Do you provide a Project Report for Dairy Farm?
We can provide the details and quotations for Milking Machines Parlor and other Dairy Farm machinery and from that details your chartered account will get help to make Dairy farm project report.
What is a herringbone Parlour?
In herringbone Parlour the operator attach milking cluster from the site to the udder as the cow standing position is diagonally.
How much does it cost to open a dairy farm?
To open a dairy farm the cost depends upon the land or animal you have
In a day how many times cow can be milked?
Cow will visit the parlor at least twice a day to be milked. You can also milk animal thrice a day.
How we can maintain milk clean hygienic?
At the time of milking cow teats should be clean and disinfected milker should check the teats visually for infection by observing stream of milk in the strip of milk in the strip cup to eliminate the possibility of mastitis and after milking dipping solution should be applied on the teats. Milking area should be free from dirt, flies and cleanliness has to be maintained. Milking Parlor should be clean by manufacturer recommended chemicals for sanitizing of milking equipment.

Know which model and size of Pipeline Milking Parlour will be suitable for you. Fill below details:

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