Mini Dairy Equipment Manufacturer

Chadha Sales Pvt Ltd is the only company to set up custom built Dairies, with In-House manufacturing of most of the dairy equipment.


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Chadha Sales set up turnkey dairies with a full range of dairy processing equipment for on-the-farm mini dairies, Milk Collection centres, medium size dairy plants and much more. Our services also include:

  • Training during Installation & Commissioning
  • After Sales Service and Maintenance
  • Marketing support
  • Production support
  • Consumables
  • Cleaning solutions
Mini Dairy Equipment Manufacturer

17 valuable tips for entrepreneurs want to set-up Dairy Processing Plant.
78% Dairies Fails by overlooking these Tips.

  • Clear idea about quantity of milk to be processed per day and product mix.
  • Planning processing hours for comfortable and smooth operations.
  • Selection of vendor for total solution from concept to commissioning.
  • Site selection to consider milk availability, proximity to market, water & power availability and most importantly disposal of waste.
  • Equipment layout considering all aspects before constructing civil structure.
  • Consideration of future expansion when planning utilities and power load.
  • Installation of power-back up considering highly perishable nature of Milk.
  • Civil construction in consultation with architect & dairy engineer in tandem.
  • Instant cooling of raw milk to temperature of 4 deg C inhibits growth of natural bacterial flora present in the milk and prolongs keeping quality. Hence important to chill milk at the source as soon as possible but not later than 2-3 hours .
  • Building to have cross ventilation and surroundings free of off-smells.
  • Appropriate drainage facility – no stagnation in drains.
  • Appointment of technical and competent staff – during installation – getting acquainted with technology and trained for operation.
  • Optimization of capacity is important. Operating at less than rated capacity results in higher operational costs.
  • Setting up of lab as per Food Safety regulations to control quality of raw material and finished goods for peace of mind.
  • Selection of source of good quality raw milk is important. Remember the quality of end product is as good or bad as your raw material.
  • Milk from the udder of cow is hygienic but prone to contamination with bacteria from various sources. Practicing hygiene during milk logistics from milking to processing is utmost important.
  • Dairy equipment should be of sanitary design, easy to clean and should be of food grade AISI 304 material.

About Chadha Sales Pvt. Ltd.

Chadha Sales Pvt Ltd is an ISO 9001-2015 engineering company serving the dairy industry for the past 50 years. We’re pioneers in the field of dairy processing equipment and plants since 1948.

We started our business with the production of milk testing centrifuges, and it’s been many years of hard work that now we’re the biggest suppliers of dairy machines all over India. We have tech-savvy people who work on the 3D software for designing different machines and products.

A short introduction about our company

We are backed by highly professional and skilled engineers. Quality is not an act at Chadha Sales, it’s our habit!. There are inspections and testing at each stage of product manufacturing. Our R&D department is dedicated to delivering the most creative and cost-efficient products and equipment.

Apart from being a front-runner in the domestic market, we have India’s leading clientele that includes the National Dairy Development Board, Govt. & Private Milk Co-operatives, Dairy Federations, Dairy Farms, Public Sector Undertakings, Multinational Companies, etc.


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Why choose Chadha Sales as your Partner for your Dairy Processing Plant

Mini Dairy Equipment Manufacturer

Team of experienced and Qualified
Dairy Technologist

Mini Dairy Equipment Manufacturer

Designing in 3D before execution

Mini Dairy Equipment Manufacturer

Best Price Guarantee with Free
Technical consultancy

Mini Dairy Equipment Manufacturer

100 % In-House Manufacturing

Mini Dairy Equipment Manufacturer

State of art Manufacturing Facilities
spread over 5.5 Acres

Mini Dairy Equipment Manufacturer

We understand Milk and have
Expertise in Milk Processing

Mini Dairy Equipment Manufacturer

200+ mini dairy installation
across the globe

Mini Dairy Equipment Manufacturer

Free round the clock Milk & milk Products
Lab Testing Consultancy available

Chadha Sales Pvt. Ltd.

Address: - 137, Rajindra Market, Tis Hazari, New Delhi, Delhi 110054
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Some of the brands we supplied various dairy equipment

vijay telnganna

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Mini Dairy Equipment Manufacturer

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Frequently asked question

What capacity Mini Dairies are available?
This could be subjective we can say that Mini Dairy can start from 1000 LPD uptill 25000 LPD.
What does Turnkey Dairy means?
Turnkey Dairy stands for the execution from concept to commissioning and handing-over the dairy to the purchaser ready for milk processing.
What kind of packaging do you recommend for Mini Dairies?
The milk can be packed in Plastic Pouches, Glass Bottles and you can also sell milk through Vending Machine.
What do you mean by utilities?
Utilities are for the Hot water, Cold water and Compressed air etc requirements of the processing unit.
What are the major requirement in Milk Processing Plant?
Milk Receiving Dock, Dairy Laboratory, Raw Milk Chilling Section, Pasteurization, Milk Packaging Machines, Cold Room, SS Pumps, S.S Pipes & Fittings, Electric Control Panel.
What end products can be considered in Milk Processing Plant?
Packed Milk, Curd, Lassi, Chach, Cottage Cheese, Flavoured Milk, Cheese, Ghee, Butter etc.
What do you mean by by-products?
In dairy by-products are Fresh Cream,Butter, Ghee and Whey etc
What is the purpose of Milk Pasteurization?
The purpose of Milk Pasteurization is to increase shelf life of milk by destroying disease causing microorganisms (Pathogens) The milk Pasteurization is heating the milk to 72 deg C /83 deg C and then cool down the milk is 4 deg C.
What capacity of Milk Plant we should buy?
Before you decide the capacity of the dairy plant you should first do the market research and assess how much milk you can sell in the market and of the same capacity you should purchase the Milk Processing Plant.
What should be per hour capacity of dairy machinery in plant.
You should decide the per hour capacity of your plant in such a way that milk processing should take maximum 5 hrs for processing time. For e.g. if you want to process 5000 LPD then you should choose 1000 LPD dairy machinery.
From which places we can find more about dairy business?
You can contact Indian Dairy Association, R.K. Puram, New Delhi.
Should we buy Automatic Dairy Plant or manually operated?
You have to make ensure that you should have online dairy equipment for your milk processing line. In context of small dairies automatic Milk Processing Plant can be expensive whereas a small dairy can run efficiently without automation.
What are options in Pasteurization for Small Scale Dairy?
For very Small Dairies you can have Batch Pasteurization of milk and if you are handling 1000 Ltr and more you should go for Continuous Pasteurization.
What kind of processing we can do on the Farm?
You can do Pouch Packing and you can also do Bottling milk on the farm there are various options available.

How do we make butter?
Butter is made from excess cream in your Farm/Dairy through Butter Churning Machine by this you will get butter and butter milk as an output.
Can we have a project of Butter Processing Plant?
As butter is the by-product if only cream is available to you then only you can have Butter Processing Plant.
What kind of Dairy Equipment and machine are available for Dairy Products manufacturing?
For various products there are different type of dairy machinery There are specific machines available such as Cheese Making Equipment, Khoa Machine, Ghee Processing Machinery, Paneer Vat for Paneer Processing , Ghee Making Machine and Flavoured Milk Plant Machinery.
What is the cost of setting up Milk Processing Plant in India?
The cost of setting up of a dairy plant will depend upon the capacity and product mix you finalize. However, a small mini dairy can start from Rupees 25 Lacs uptill Rs. 2.5 Crores.
Is there a difference between Cow Equipment and Buffalo Milk Equipment?
How we can pasteurize cream?
For pasteurization of cream there is a separate cream pasturizer which is continuous and as well as bath pasteurization.
What equipments are required specifically from Curd Manufacturing Plant?
Curd Processing Plant or Dahi Making Plant would have special holding time in pasteurization and addition incubator filling system and cold storage.
Do your company provide Dairy & Milk Processing Plant consultancy service
Yes, we provide Dairy Consultancy Service and have in house dairy consultants which can help you in dairy design and layout and also dairy engineering services?
Is there any difference between Dairy Farm Equipment and Dairy Plant Machinery?
How to choose a good Dairy Plant Manufacturer in India?
Dairy Plant Manufacturer is a specialized job. Company who have vast experience in dairy sector should be chosen for your purchase of dairy plant project or dairy processing equipment.
What are the opportunities and challenges in Indian Dairy Industries
Dairy Udyog is one of the important business in India and India is the world largest milk producer. India is handling more than 13% of the world total milk production. As in all the industries there are opportunities and challenges in Indain Dairy Industry it is the same.
What is most important in setting up of mini milk processing plant ?
The most important is to ensure the quality of raw milk and create your valued offering for which consumer should pay premium for Mini Dairies. They should concentrate on setting higher value of milk or value added products for profitability. 

Fill the form for a FREE “Strategic Planning Diagnostic”
appointment for your upcoming Milk Processing Plant

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