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Chadha Sales Pvt Ltd is an ISO 9001-2015 Engineering Company serving Dairy Industry for the last 50 Years. Incorporated in 1948, Chadha Sales Private Ltd is a pioneer company in the field of Dairy Processing Equipment and Plants. The Company started its business as a Manufacturer of Milk Testing Centrifuge as its first product and the Company has grown from a micro-enterprise to a large company with customers from all across the globe.
Apart from being a front-runner in the domestic market, the company caters to the vast need for the quality conscious market of the world. The company's Indian clientele include the National Dairy Development Board, Govt. & Private Milk Co-operatives, Dairy Federations, Dairy Farms, Public Sector Undertakings, Multinational Companies, etc.

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We claim to Manufacturer the best bucket milking machine available in India

trolly milking machines

BS-4X Trolley Type.
Double can of 30 ltr and double cluster

Milking Machines

BS-3X Trolley Type.
Single can of 40 ltr with double cluster

BS-mini X - Trolley Type. Single can of 30 ltr and single cluster

BS-mini X - Trolley Type.
Single can of 30 ltr and single cluster

milking machine with routine
milking machine - dairy
dairy milking machine
milking process
milky cow

11 Important things must know before you buy Bucket Milking Machine

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Why choose Chadha Sales Bereket Bucket Milking machine?

  • Oil-free bucket milking machines
  • Service free bucket milking machine
  • All critical components are imported
  • Ready stock delivery
  • 16 Months Pulsator warranty which is the heart of the machine
  • 6 months warranty for rubber liners.
  • All milk contacting parts are of food grade
  • Phthalate free tubing.
  • Bucket size of 30 ltrs in Stainless Steel.
  • Our machine is exported to various European countries
  • Galvanized chassis
  • Can easily manoeuvre on uneven surfaces

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We also manufacture cow mats, ear tags, bulk milk coolers, aluminium alloy milk can, milk testing equipment, milk vending machine, cream separators, butter churners and other dairy farm and processing equipment.

Our milking machine are design to give comfort to cows

Chadha Sales Pvt. Ltd.

Address: - 137, Rajindra Market, Tis Hazari, New Delhi, Delhi 110054
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Some of the brands we have served by supplying various dairy equipments.

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Milking Machine - Kolkata

We purchased our first milking machine in 2015 at that time we were having just seven cows and as our heard increase we have taken another two more bucket milking machine from Chadha Sales. In 2017 our herd size has increased to 100 + animals and we have installed swing over 6 x 1 milking parlour from Chadha Sales. We are very happy with the quality of the machine and services provided by Chadha Sales Pvt.Ltd. We wish them good luck in their business.

Mr. Sandeep Kaushik
Prakrati Farm
Milking Machine - Kolkata

We have contacted Chadha Sales for our requirement; for milking machine we have received very good guidance on the selection of milking machine from Mr. Satpal Singh Kohli of Chadha Sales and thereafter in 2017 we have purchased one trolley milking machine with two clusters to milk two cows at a time and thereafter we purchased more cows in 2018 we have purchased stationery type bucket milking machine BS3X to milk 5 Cows at a time. These machine are running very smoothly without any single breakdown. we appreciate Chadha Sales commitment to the dairy farmers and there kind guidance time to time.

Mr. Ram Motani
Ram Motani Dairy Farm
Milking Machine - Kolkata

I am the proprietor of Devendar Dairy Farm and purchased bucket milking machine with 5 cluster from Chadha Sales Pvt. Ltd. Before buying I have compared quality and price both from various supplier and have found Chadha Sales as a reliable suppliers. I thank them for giving me very good product and on good price. I wish them good luck in there business.

Mr. Devender Kumar
Devendra Dairy Udhyog,
Narsinghpur / M.P

Frequently asked questions about milking machines:

milk nikalne ki machine price kya hai?
Cow milk machine price in India varies from model to model.

What are other names of milking machine commonly used?
These machines are also called a milk extracting machine.

Is your Cow milking machine expensive?
In comparison to our quality, we offer milking machine lowest price available in India.

How many types of milking equipment are available?
There are various types of milking systems for cows are available with a different model with the rage of single bucket milking machine to 5 bucket milking machine and various sizes and style of the milking parlour. There are 2 types of bucket milking machines are available Trolley Milking Machine and other is the Stationary or portable type Milking Machine.

What is your quality of the milking machine and what other services you provide if we buy a milking machine from your company?
We claim to have the best milking machine in India and we have a qualified team for Installation and training for our range of milking machines.

How much time you take for delivery of Milking Machine?
Our Milking machine in Delhi is available ex-stock at our showroom.

Do you provide a Project Report for Dairy Farm?
We can provide the details and quotations for Milking Machines and other Dairy Farm machinery and from that details your charted account will get help to make Dairy farm project report.

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