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Stainless Steel Milk Can

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Stainless Steel Milk Can

Special Features

⮞The Stainless Steel Milk Can is available in variants of 2,3,5,6,10,15,20,30,40,50 L
⮞These stainless steel cans are manufactured with deep drawing and spinning technology. The body and material is strong enough to handle rough usage of the cans, which makes it durable and easy to use.
⮞ These Stainless Steel Milk Cans are made from AISI 304 grade 8/18 AlSI material of high corrosion resistance.
⮞ SS Milk Can dimensions are close to the aluminum alloy Milk Can (S:1825-1983).

⮞ The bottom ring is made from 304 grade SS & shrink fitted to the can body.
⮞ The handles of the cans are properly rounded and bent, spot welded and reverted, which makes the gip smooth and ergonomic.
⮞ The cans are made with utmost hygienic conditions, and giving mirror polish, which gives a smooth and shiny look to the cans, this also ensures easy cleaning of the cans.

Technical Specifications

1.Functional Requirements:

Cans will be used for collection and delivery of milk from milk producers to dairy co-operative societies (DCS), transportation of milk from milk collection centers to Dairy Plants and for handling milk in the Dairy plants.

2.Material of construction:

The can body, lid, handle and bottom ring will be made from Stainless steel sheet/flat/rod conforming to AISI 304 grade of high corrosion resistance and manufactured by SAIL or Jindal. The can body will be fabricated from a sheet blank having a minimum thickness of 1.2 mm. After fabrication, minimum thickness at the neck, body and bottom should be minimum 0.95, 1.00 and 1.10 mm respectively. Bottom ring flat will have a minimum thickness of 2.0 mm and the handle with a 12 mm diameter rod. The lid will be fabricated from two stainless steel (AISI 304) sheets, the cup is of 0.8 mm thickness and saucer is of 1.0 mm thickness. Thickness of the top of the lid comes to a minimum of 1.8 mm (1 + 0.8).


⮞ Lid: The lid will be of SS, AISI 304. The conical skirt will be provided with 3 nos. air equalizing holes of 12 mm dia each. The lid will have mushroom shape to drain off any water outside. The lid will be provided with two nos. punched holes of 8 mm dia on the mushroom canopy near the periphery of the lid for locking/ sealing the Can. The cup and saucer portions of the lid will be welded to each other circumferentially.

⮞ Finish: All weld joints will be free from porosity, blowholes, pinholes, undercut, lumps, cavities etc. and will be sound in nature. All welded joints will be finished smooth to minimum 150 grit to provide a sanitary finish to all the inner and outer surface of the weld joint. The Can surface including at the taper neck portion should be wrinkle free. There should not be any sharp corners. All such points will have a minimum 25 mm radius.

⮞Bottom ring: The bottom ring will be secured to the body of the Can firmly so that even after repeated and years of usage it should not come out or get loosened. These will be made from SS, AISI 304, and 2 mm thick sheets formed and rolled. The bottom ring will be shrink-fitted with proper locking arrangement on the body.

⮞Body: Complete body will be fabricated in two pieces. The bottom and top halves will be deep drawn and spinned. The top and bottom pieces will be welded circumferentially . All welding will be done with argon arc process (TIG) and ground smooth. Top edge of the neck will be folded.

⮞ Welding: For fabrication of the can only TIG welding process with purging is used to produce the premium quality welding. All welding will be done by argon purging.

⮞Handle: will be made of SS, AISI 304, designed to give good grip of the can welded on the taper neck with 2 nos pad plates for each handle, adequately thick, to avoid any protrusions inside the Can.

Technical Data

Stainless Steel Milk Can

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